Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Does your kitchen or bathroom desperately need an update? Let us handle everything!

With our state-of-the-art tools and our experienced team, we will have your project complete before you can say “wow!”

We handle everything from complete gutting to small fixes. Need a new shower? No problem. Your entire bathroom recreated? We’ve got it covered!

We work tirelessly around the clock so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new kitchen/bathroom. Schedule a consultation with us to go over your budget and individual needs, and then go make some fun weekend plans while we turn your dreams into reality!

Painting Service

Painting is our specialty, and we like to think we’re exceptional at what we do. We recognize the importance of speed, but also the importance of a job well done. Whether you need your house completely repainted or just a slight touch-up, we’ll get it done beautifully and effectively. Perfection is our ultimate goal, and we won’t settle for anything less!


Our skilled team of carpenters is available for any repairs you may need. We believe that the secret to success is a skilled, well-trained team that operates with the same core values. Our carpenters are diligent, talented, and trustworthy, and we know they’ll get the job done on time and within your budget.

Finished Basements

Do you wish you could have a basement where you can host parties, watch TV, and relax ? Maybe your house is too small and you don’t have anywhere to unwind after a long day, or maybe you dream about one day having your own office space, but your house has limited rooms and it doesn’t seem plausible ?

Well, we’ve got great news for you: it is.

Most people don’t even realize the potential they have in just their basement alone. In addition to being useful for you, finishing your basement can add so much market value to your house!

We’ll give you a full consultation and let you know exactly what we can create for you within your budget and timeframe. With a combined (X) years in the industry, we can confidently say that we know what we’re doing when creating the ultimate basement for you and your family, and we can assure you that you’ll be pleased with the results!


AP Professional Painting can turn your scratched and stained floors to smooth and shiny hardwood floors. You have probably heard about this job being a dusty one which is harmful for your lungs, but you don't have to worry about that with us. We have a dustless hardwood floor refinishing system that allows us to do the job and leave no dust behind. Need some refinishing done on your floors, give us a call to see how we can help you.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

Our hardwood floors add character to any home. Attractive, stylish, and easy to clean, you can’t go wrong! If you’re looking to break away from the old carpet, let us be your guide. We’ll set you up with a beautiful new floor that can withstand your lifestyle and add beauty and value to your living space.


Are you bored with your kitchen or bathroom? Do you feel like you need a change, but don’t know what?

Nothing refreshes a drab kitchen or bathroom quite like brand new tiling. We have a large selection of tiles. We will help you every step of the way; from plan to action, we’re here to make the process easier for you. No matter what look you are aiming for, we’re here to help you achieve it.